My sculpture bears witness to a moment in this sculptor’s brief metaphorical dance with the architecture of the universe.

I have enjoyed an education at the Ontario College of Art (and Design) and York university followed by a career at Campbell Monument Company working with talented artists sculpting monumental public art and memorial commissions in a figurative style. Transforming stone into representative imagery and exercising a technical knowledge of carving hard materials has also inspired me to highlight the inherent expressive qualities of my media in abstract forms.

My carving is a process of removal, deconstruction and discovery. Beyond traditional stone such as granite, limestone and marble, I carve elements of found, harvested, or repurposed media. I compose assemblies of these elements ever beholden to the many artists and sculptors who eloquently speak to us from both near and distant pulpits.

My abstract work systematically explores variations in structural transformation. Expressing the compelling tactile geometries of organically complex planes and surfaces, I present topological variations to push materiality to the foreground of our attention and emphasize gestural tensions. The intent is to suggest the wealth of possibilities inherent in the poetics of surface and form harvested from stone millions of years in its formation.